Neuroblastoma lncRNA

Neuroblastoma Associated Transcript 1 (NBAT1) is downregulated in high-risk patient group

Volcano plot showing NBAT1 lncRNA downregulated in high-risk MYCN-amplified tumors compared to low-risk patients. Box plot with expression levels of NBAT1 in low-risk, 11q-deleted and high-risk (MYCN-amplified) patients.

NBAT1 knockdown affects cell proliferation and migration

Volcano plot showing genes deregulated upon NBAT1 knockdown in SH-SY-5Y cells. Highlighted genes related to cell differentiation (SOX9) and neuronal differentiation genes (REST/NRSF, neuronal repressor), are upregulated. Network plots with cell migration and proliferation processes affected by NBAT1 knockdown.

NBAT1 knockdown in differentiated cells impairs neuronal differentiation

Pathways associated with genes (n=455) that are downregulated upon NBAT1 knockdown in retinoic acid induced (neuronal) differentiated SH-SY-5Y cells in day 4 and day 7 compared with day 0.Among these, 166 genes were having REST/NRSF (neuronal repressor) binding sites. Model explaining how NBAT1 regulates neuronal differentiation in neuroblastoma.

Note: Above findings are published in Cancer Cell, Volume 26, Issue 5 (Pandey G et al, 2014). Only computational analysis results contributed by me is included in above summary. For complete research, please have a look at this original article.